LCA is an independent architectural lighting design firm founded by Yansen Tan. We design and implement lighting solutions for commercial, corporate, entertainment, residential and mixed-use projects -- creating solutions that evoke a sense of place instead of mere space. As a result, our lighting solutions aim to enhance the beauty of buildings and structures we design without neglecting to highlight the functional aspects of life and work, which include comfort of living, ease of mobility and human interactions within the compounds.

Our clients value the way our designs augment the moods of their materials and structures. Expecting superior lighting solutions which come from the use of the latest technology and the exploration of fresh ideas, they see how their visions come alive. This is made possible as we always seek to understand our clients’ needs and passion and later translate them into solutions.

In the process, we cannot help but present our best trained professionals, that include the architects, engineers and building professionals that have been partnering with us in various projects, in understanding our clients’ visions and turning the designs into reality in ways that both meaningful and productive; in order to reach best expected results.

It is our privilege to continue to serve our clients by delivering the best available lighting solutions. Therefore, we infuse the spirit of inquisitiveness and collaborative energy in our team while continue to stay abreast with the latest updates to improve our relevant knowledge of the systems, materials and trends within the lighting design industry. With our experience, involvement and investment, our firm continues and maintains our superior quality.

We look forward to provide you with solutions that perfectly fit your visions.

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